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Welcome to the Florida chapter of The Mars Society.

Join us.
To join the Mars Society, just click the "Join us" link in the side menu. This will display a page from which all levels of membership/sponsorship can be purchased. Donations can also be made on this same page.

Want to get the latest happenings of the Curiosity rover on Mars?
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See you on Mars

Terry Mackintosh

Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station
Mars Desert Research Station

What are you doing in your own life to help get to mars?
Food for thought, some things you can do:

  • Get an education. All or most all skills will be needed on mars, so pick an area that interests you and become an expert in it.
  • Join a space advocacy group AND be an --active-- member of that group.
    Might I suggest joining The Mars Society if you have not already?
    • Participate in activities such as the Mars Sample Return design contest.
    • Join the mailing list(s) and share your ideas with others and learn of their ideas.
    • Think of things to do that will work in even a small way toward any aspect of getting to mars.
  • In addition to actively participating in such a group, you can send cash donations to the group of your choice.
  • Public outreach:
    • Are you good with words? could you write articles and solicit magazines and newspapers to print them?
    • Are you a good speaker? could you become the 'in the know person' on space related stuff in your area and get on radio or TV via interviews or a show of your own?
  • Political outreach:
    • Are you a politically connected person? even if only in your own neighborhood?
    • Are you willing to be an 'activist'? You do know that a democracy does not operate from voting booths right?
    • Are you driven and persistent?
    • Can you get passed the office guards (secretary/receptionist) and get appointments? possibly setting up appointments for someone else to go?
  • Other?

Please send quesions, comments, and corrections to Terry Mackintosh.
Last updated on February 15 2015.